How to Choose the Right Space Heater

Space heaters take a lot of…well…heat. They’re often considered to be a dangerous fire hazard. The truth is that they’re like any other tool. If you’re not careless with them and you observe all of their safety precautions then they can help you heat areas


Preventing Bathroom Fan Fires

Here at The House Doctors we are very interested in doing whatever we can to promote home safety. As electricians, fires are on our minds a lot. As it happens, bathroom exhaust fans often do cause house fires. When we were reminded of this fact


Troubleshooting Track Lighting

In a previous post we talked about how to install track lighting. Yet if you’re going to get the full enjoyment out of these modern, stylish lights you need to know how to troubleshoot track lighting too. Usually the biggest problem that people encounter is


How to Replace a Bathroom Light Fixture

Learning how to replace a bathroom light fixture is a simple DIY task that can help you update your bathroom. Many bathrooms are saddled with light fixtures that are old, dingy, or outdated, so this is a quick way to give your home a fresh