When Do You Need Emergency Electrical Service?

We offer 24/7 emergency electrical services here at The House Doctors. But what does that really mean, and when would you need that kind of service?

Most electrical needs really aren’t emergencies, which is probably a good thing. A true electrical emergency is usually pretty scary stuff.

However, you absolutely want to get emergency electrical service if any of the following things are happening:

  • There’s a burning smell coming from outlets or panels.
  • You see scorch marks around any panels or electrical equipment, even if nothing seems to be happening right now.
  • An appliance is smoking or sparking.
  • You hear crackling noises, especially from outlets.

Any of these signals can indicate a fire waiting to happen, so be ready to evacuate your family. Wake them up if you have to!

Be ready to follow the electrician’s instructions when you call, too. He may have a few things for you to do right away.

For example, he might instruct you to go ahead and turn off the main power at the circuit breaker. He might also instruct you to unplug your problematic appliances (use the cord, never the plug).

You might also want to call for service if:

  • Your lights are flickering for no reason.
  • The circuit breaker trips repeatedly.
  • There are zones in your house that aren’t responding to the circuit breaker at all.
  • You’ve paid your bill, but you’re still the only person on your street with no power.

Most routine power outages need to be reported to utility companies, and not to an electrician. If everyone else’s power is out too, start by calling them.

If you have any doubts it’s always better to call and be safe. If it’s not an emergency situation the electrician can tell you, schedule an appointment, and put your mind at ease.

If you have emergency or non-emergency electrical needs and live in the Raleigh-Durham area including Pittsboro, Hillsborough, and Wake Forest call us. We’ll give you a free estimate on any electrical need that you may have, and stand prepared to help keep you safe if you need emergency electrical service.

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