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“Redefining Standby Power Generation”

If you have been after good quality standby generators but don’t have any prior experience in buying them, you’re in luck. Volt Doctors offers the exclusive Fortress standby generator system at a premium price. The best part is that it comes with a 6 year warranty for parts, labor, and travel. You won’t find a better warranty in the industry, and it also comes with warmer oil, which is extremely useful for people living in cold climates.

People living in areas that suffer from frequent power outages don’t need to worry about power management anymore, since the 20 kW1 generator offers the ultimate solution. The generator will automatically start once power goes, to ensure that you don’t have to stay without power. It won’t damage any electrical appliances in your home, and you won’t have to suffer without electricity.

The Fortress standby generator can easily power washers, dryers, TVs, lights, and 5-ton AC units. It has a commercial-grade Vanguard™ engine, along with the patented Symphony® II Power Management technology, which ensures automatic power generation.

Get Complete Power Management

One of the biggest problems with standby generators is that they are unable to effectively power all appliances in them home. The central air-conditioner, electric stovetop, whirlpool tub, oven, and electric clothes dryer, require a lot of power to start, and operate. The Symphony® II Power Management technology in this generator takes care of that, since it gives your home with enough power to safely operate any electrical appliance.

Symphony II® Management System

This cutting edge power management system has enough power to safely and effective run and operate any electrical appliance in the home. It offers greater convenience to homeowners and helps save them money in the long-run as well.

6 Year Warranty

Volt Doctors offers you with the longest running warranty in the entire industry. We offer comprehensive coverage for 6 years for all travel, labor, and parts of the generator.

Unmatched Power

The commercial-grade Vanguard™ engine offers supreme power to the homeowner, and ensures that you don’t have to worry about power management on your generator when facing a power outage.

Designed To Withstand The Elements

Another great aspect of this generator is that it has been designed to withstand tough weather conditions. The outer layer is made from high quality automotive-grade Galvanneal steel, which doesn’t catch rust. It also has a powder coat paint, which doesn’t come off against abrasions and chips.

Superior Customer Support

We know that finding the right standby generator can be difficult, which is why Volt Doctors offer you with outstanding customer support. That is the reason why we offer 24-hour customer support to everyone. You can get in touch with us by calling 919-236-7167.

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