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Are You Prepared for Winter Storms?

Last Tuesday a winter storm warning was issued throughout the Triangle area. Though there’s not much of a chance that we’ll see snow there’s still a chance of freezing rain and power outages. This got us thinking about whether or not all of our readers were fully prepared for power outages. Thus, we wanted to

Durham Christmas by Candlelight

If you’d like a fun chance to experience what Durham might have been like without electricity while enjoying some holiday fun, you might check out this community event on December 6th and December 13th. The Duke Homestead State Historic Site at 2828 Duke Homestead Road, Durham, NC will be holding its 1870s Christmas by Candelight

Durham Hosts Landlord Training Workshop

Are you a property manager or a landlord? Do you want to be? Then you might be interested in the Durham Landlord Training Workshop that is taking place on November 21st. The Durham Housing Authority periodically partners with other organizations to run these training seminars. The sessions are meant to help landlords offer safe, decent

Durham Fire Department Offers Winter Safety Tips

We’ve written a lot of posts about the dangers of electrical fires. But the Durham Fire Department has put up a bunch of fire tips that are especially relevant to the upcoming winter months. Heaters, as it happens, can be a huge fire hazard when they malfunction. That’s why the Durham Fire Department suggests getting

Save Power With a Light Switch Timer

If you are the kind of person who routinely forgets to turn out the lights before you leave your house then a light switch timer might be a good solution. You can set each of your home lights to shut down during the hours you know you’ll be at work, for example. This is the

Smart Meter Myths and Facts

These days, more and more people are getting smart meters installed in their homes. As the meters are installed we’ve noticed that there is actually a great deal of fear surrounding these meters. There’s even a website devoted to telling people that they should refuse smart meters. The people who oppose them usually feel like

How to Fix a Loose Outlet

Sometimes, outlets in the home get loose. Either the entire outlet box wobbles, or the sockets themselves get so loose that any appliance plugged into them just slips right back out again. Either problem can be very annoying. Both of these problems have relatively easy fixes, however. Loose Sockets If you have loose sockets then

Events at Historic Yates Mill

The Historic Yates Mill Country Park is offering some highly cool family events in October. Here are a few that you might consider attending. If you love birds then you might start with Who’s Passing Through, a birding event that takes place on October 6th from 11 am till noon. This mini course teaches you

Join Cycle for Hope

Would you like to help others and have some fun at the same time? Then check out Cycle for Hope on October 5th and join any of three fun rides. You can choose between the 12 mile course, the 35 mile course, and the 62 mile course. All three courses cover some beautiful territory in

Electrical Safety After a Flood

We’re certainly no strangers to floods here in the Triangle area. And after a flood, your home can quickly become an electrical hazard if any water has gotten into your home at all. In fact, if there is standing water inside of your home after a flood then you need to stay outside. Someone needs

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