How to Choose the Right Space Heater

Space heaters take a lot of…well…heat. They’re often considered to be a dangerous fire hazard.

The truth is that they’re like any other tool. If you’re not careless with them and you observe all of their safety precautions then they can help you heat areas of your home that aren’t adequately tackled by your home heating system.

However, it also helps to buy the safest possible space heater. To that end we’ve compiled a couple of things for you to keep in mind as you do your shopping.

Choose Electric Heat

You should choose electric heat over propane and kerosene heaters every time. Propane and kerosene heaters are only suitable for use in an outdoor room.

Yes, propane and kerosene heaters produce more heat. They also create an open flame in your house and put you at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s better not to take the risk.

Buy a Heater with a Fan

Fans will ensure that the space heater does its job more quickly. That way you can warm up the room before you, say, go to bed, and then shut it off for safety’s sake.

Long Power Cord

A 70 inch long cord will give you some flexibility to get the heater attached to an outlet without forcing you to work with extension cords, which provide their own dangers.


Most really good space heaters come with a number of good safety sensors. One senses the amount of oxygen in the room and shuts off if it decides carbon monoxide is building up. One shuts off the heater if it tips over, ensuring that the hot part is never say, touching your floor.

Others will shut off if they overheat. And for the protection of your youngest children, it is good to know that others will shut off if the grille is touched.

Try to do Without

Even though there are really good space heaters out there with plenty of safety features, the best space heater is the one that you never have to deal with at all. If your home isn’t heating adequately and you live in Wake Forest, Cary, or anywhere else in the Raleigh area, call us. We’ll be happy to check out your heating services to determine how you can get more out of your system, and we can give you a free estimate on any upgrades that your system may require.

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