Raleigh Woman Invents Personal Protection System

You’ve heard of a home security system. But what about a personal security system?

One Raleigh woman has invented one. We wanted to share it because we like to feature local inventors, and because advancements in electronics are endlessly interesting to us.

Her device is called the TESS. It’s a small, wearable device. The Raleigh News Observer recently reported on it.

Scarlet’s invention, called TESS™ for Tiger Eye Security Sensor, would combine several existing technologies to activate when its wearer is in danger; issue a warning to an attacker; summon help to a specific location; and capture video and sound recordings that later could be used to identify and prosecute a criminal.

There’s an Indiegogo campaign on to raise enough money to fund the creation of the device. It’s running from now until December 31st.

One thing was particularly neat was the eco-drive battery system. It actually captures kinetic energy and turns that energy into electricity so that the batteries don’t ever have to be recharged.

The only question that we had about it was how one might keep an attacker from ripping it off of one’s clothing. It would have to be sturdier than your average pin or broach to overcome that particular hurdle. With that being said if the device is activated quickly enough it might not matter. The police would still be on the way.

What do you think of the device? Would you wear one?

Either way, it’s awesome to see some of the innovation coming out of the area.

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