How to Replace a Doorbell

So you need to know how to replace a doorbell because your chime has stopped working? Don’t worry. This is a very easy DIY project that almost anyone can do.

You’ll need a doorbell and chime kit. You can purchase one from almost any hardware store.

Note that you’ll find both wired and wireless versions. Wired versions are still usually more reliable than wireless versions. Wireless versions also require batteries at the button terminal, which could prove to be a hassle.

It’s up to you, but we’re going to tell you how to use the wired version.

You’ll start, of course, by using your circuit breaker to cut the power to your existing doorbell. As usual, you need to use a stick wire tester to make absolutely certain that the power is off.

Next, you’ll remove the face plate from the doorbell. You should see the wires.

Use a little bit of tape to tape the wires from the door frame. This keeps them in place so you can work with them.

Connecting the wires to the new doorbell is relatively easy. The terminals are color coded. You’ll unscrew the screw, place the wire in the terminal, and then screw it back down.

Next you’ll go to the chime. You’ll need to remove the face plate.

You’ll need to label each wire since these wires won’t be color-coded. Use a bit of tape. Then remove the old chime.

Add the base unit of the new chime to the wall. Then feed the wires through the base unit and attach them to the appropriate terminals by loosening the screws, attaching the wires, and tightening the screws.

Add the chime cover and restore power.

All of this assumes that the problems were with the chimes. Sometimes the problem is with the doorbell transformer, which is located at the circuit breaker box itself.

If you need a new transformer you’ll have to purchase one that has the same voltage rating as your old one. Again, you’d make sure the power is off before you install the transformer.

You’ll need to disconnect the transformer from your circuit box and remove it. Then you’ll need to connect the chime wires to the transformer, fasten the transformer back through the knock-out hole in your circuit box, and connect the transformer back to the power source.

Once you’ve finished your installations it’s safe to restore the power and to test your new doorbell.

Here are two videos to help you understand this process better:

As usual, it’s very important for you to understand this process and feel comfortable with it before you begin. If you feel uncomfortable with this project at any point you should always call a licensed electrician to help you.

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