Electrical Safety After a Flood

We’re certainly no strangers to floods here in the Triangle area. And after a flood, your home can quickly become an electrical hazard if any water has gotten into your home at all.

In fact, if there is standing water inside of your home after a flood then you need to stay outside. Someone needs to come and remove the electrical meter from its socket.

That someone can’t be you. It needs to be the utility company, the fire department, or electricians like us.

You can’t just turn off the circuit box in this case. The breaker box is still receiving power from the power grid. And it doesn’t matter if the storm has taken out the power too. People in your neighborhood are still using generators, and that means some of that electricity could still be flowing through the grid and into your home, where the water can easily conduct it into you.

Most of your electrical equipment will need to be replaced as soon as the water has all been removed. This includes things like your electrical panel, your outlets, your lights, and even your AC. If you have flood insurance you should be able to get your insurance company to cover these replacements–so don’t panic!

Just don’t try to salvage or “make do” with anything that hasn’t been cleared by the appropriate professional first. Normally, you’d have to call an electrician and an AC guy, but we do both! Call us if you live in Pittsboro, Hillsboro, or anywhere else in the Triangle.

Remember, safety should be your first priority after any kind of storm. While we know you’re eager to get the use of your house back it should not be at the expense of an electric shock.

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