Does Your Business Have Proper Parking Lot Lighting?

When you open a new business there’s a ton of stuff to think about. You’ve got to get permits, buy inventory, and get to work on your marketing.

Your parking lot may really be the last thing on your mind. You know you’ll need adequate parking to have a successful business, but you may not have thought any further than that.

However, failing to install and maintain proper parking lot lighting could be bad news for your business as well. Proper parking lot lighting ensures the safety of your guests and employees.

The issue is two-fold. The first is that it’s dangerous to try to navigate any place in the dark. People could trip, fall, and hurt themselves.

There’s also the issue of crime. People are more likely to be attacked in dark parking lots, and the cover of night gives thieves more confidence about breaking into your business, too.

Both of these problems represent liability issues for your business. Entire personal injury cases have been built around the failure of a business owner to install or maintain proper parking lot lighting.

This isn’t all about negativity, however. Parking lot lighting also makes your business more visible and welcoming once the sun goes down. That means more customers for you!

So if you haven’t thought about parking lot lighting yet, or you’ve been thinking about skimping on them to avoid the expense, think again. You stand to lose a lot of profits by ignoring this key business issue.

Do you need parking lot lighting for your business? If you are in Cary, Chapel Hill, or anywhere else in the Triangle area, contact us today for a free estimate.

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