Air Conditioning Repair in Durham, NC

There’s nothing worse than suffering through a hot day with no air conditioning in the Durham area! If your AC unit isn’t working correctly here in the Durham heat then there’s just no doubt that you’re in for a miserable experience.

Stop sweating! We have HVAC repair technicians on staff and we’re ready to come to the rescue. You could be feeling blasts of cool, refreshing air in no time.

Here are just a few of the air conditioning problems we commonly handle:

  • The AC blows only hot air.
  • The AC is leaking refrigerant.
  • The AC isn’t draining correctly.
  • The AC’s compressor has failed.
  • Problems with the AC wiring.
  • There’s a problem with the AC’s electric control.
  • The AC is making funny noises.
  • The AC fan has stopped working.
  • The AC has dirty filters or blocked ductwork.

And don’t forget to call us for a diagnostic if your cooling bills have suddenly skyrocketed, since high cooling bills can often be a sign of an air conditioning unit that’s in big trouble. It’s also a good idea to get HVAC preventative maintenance for your system each year. If you do, you might just avoid a break down.

Of course, we also offer emergency AC repair throughout the Triangle area. Since heat indexes can sometimes soar in our area we understand that a working AC is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

We also offer commercial AC repair service. Don’t let your business start melting away because your customers are too hot to think about what you have to offer. Call us, and we’ll get your building’s air conditioning units working so that your business can start booming once more.

Our HVAC service includes a thorough diagnostic of your entire cooling system. We’ll check all of the circuits and wiring, just as you might expect from an electrical contractor offering AC repairs. We’ll also check the rest of your system top to bottom: thermostats, filers, blowers, condensate drains, fans, coils, duct deals and all of the other “moving parts.”

We’re known for offering prompt, courteous service that treats you, your home, or your business with the highest levels of respect. So call us today for a free estimate on your AC repair. Why wait a moment longer than you have to?

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