Why You Need a Back-Up Generator For Your Home

Peace of mind is hard to come by these days. Wherever one problem ends a new one begins. Luckily, a household back-up generator should be able to take care of your electricity woes, in case the whole power situation goes down. They give you a continuous power flow to use necessities like air-conditioning, refrigerators, sump pumps and so on.

People argue about the use of a back-up generator when there is ample power to go around. To answer this question, think of a back-up generator as an insurance policy. You don’t know for sure if you need one, until it’s too late!

Who needs one?

Different people have different tolerance levels for power outages, some need to be connected all the time but some can go without power for an hour or so.

People who do face power outages and work in places such as a hospital, where the availability of electricity can be a matter of life or death, should think about having backup generators. As for residents, you have to look at your budget and your tolerance levels.

Benefits of a household back-up Generator

1.     You remain “supplied” during an outage

If there is a power outage, it’s time to cash in your “insurance policy” against the power companies. The generator available at Volt Doctors starts on its own as soon as the power goes out. There’s no need for manually searching for and “kick starting” the generator when the power goes out.

2.     Ability to wither disasters

If, by chance, there is a natural disaster, your generator will not be harmed because of its solid construct. The outer layer features galvanized steel which is resistant to rust. The powder coat paint job fights against abrasion and chipping.

3.     No more Detrimental voltage fluctuations with the return of power

You may have noticed that when the power comes back on after an outage, it can cause a surge of electricity that may ruin some of your household appliances. With the back-up generator at Volt Doctors, you can be at ease knowing that the power surge will not harm your appliances.

4.     A Six-Year Warranty

A warranty that is long and removes any initial doubts of the “what happens when it doesn’t work?” kind is offered to seal the deal. If, at any time, you feel that the generator doesn’t perform as well as it should, you can have a new one in its place.

5.     Running “Important” appliances

You don’t want to be suffocated during a power outage. Neither do you want the milk and meat to go bad. The generator at Volt doctors comes with the Symphony II Management System that allows you to run any high wattage appliance in the home including ACs and fridges.

6.     Peace of mind

You can relax knowing that if anything goes wrong with the generator, you can count on Volt Doctors to have it up and running in no time. That is what the 24-hour customer-support is for.

For further information, please call Volt Doctors at 919-236-7167.

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