What is the Consortium for Energy Efficiency?

After our previous post about the Energy Star label we began getting questions like, “What is the Consortium for Energy Efficiency?” because we’d mentioned them in the Energy Star post. We thought we’d take some time to give it a little attention of its own.

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency, or CEE, is a non-profit public benefits corporation. One of their programs establishes “super-efficiency” guidelines for appliances.

There are three tiers (I,II, and III) of energy and water efficiency under CEE. However, each product is considered individually in the context of its market, technical potential, health and safety issues, and so on. So not every product has the same number of tiers.

The initiatives with specifications that CEE members adopt are really geared for efficiency program administrators. They’re not exactly consumer friendly.

If you called them to talk about your appliances or to try to find the most efficient appliances they’d direct you to your local efficiency program. In North Carolina you can visit the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance or Duke Energy.

CEE consults with Energy Star. CEE views Energy Star as its brand and market platform. So if you’re getting Energy Star appliances you’re doing well in terms of energy efficiency.

CEE doesn’t issue any rebates and there are no special tax breaks for CEE appliances beyond the existing Energy Star rebates and tax credits.

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