What Does the Energy Star Rating Mean?

As an electrician who has had to install numerous outlets for the residents of Durham, one question that comes up from time-to-time is “what does the Energy Star Rating mean?” We usually get this question when we’re installing outlets for new appliances the homeowner is planning on buying.

The Energy Star program was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency back in 1992. The purpose of the program was to help consumers make informed decisions about their appliance purchases.

The EPA wanted to promote energy efficient appliances and reward companies that adhered to specific standards (the Energy Star Standards) for creating energy efficient products. This would both encourage people to buy those products while encouraging manufacturers to make them.

This isn’t just a marketing gimmick. Energy Star appliances offer many real benefits because the appliances have to meet strict guidelines to be accepted into the program.

They lower your energy bill. They also reduce your consumption and impact on the environment without significantly decreasing your lifestyle. They end up being 10% to 20% more efficient, and you can see the benefits right on your electric bill.

The program is working. According to the EPA, each household that uses Energy Star appliances gets roughly 130,000 pounds of greenhouse gasses out of the air through the appliance’s lifetime. You can imagine the impact when multiple houses buy Energy Star!

Don’t be fooled by “Energy Efficient” labels. Those really do represent a marketing gimmick on behalf of the appliances that didn’t make it into the energy star program.

If you want even more energy efficiency look for a CEE rating. CEE stands for the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. This program is meant to compliment the Energy Star program – you won’t see a CEE rating unless the appliance is already an Energy Star appliance.

There are three CEE Tiers. The most efficient Tier is Tier III, and the least efficient is Tier I. Even a CEE Tier I appliance, however, is very efficient.

We hope this helps you understand the value that you get when you choose to buy Energy Star appliances. If you need help installing dedicated appliance circuits and you live in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, or anywhere else in the Triangle Area, call us! We offer free estimates and prompt, courteous service to all of our customers.

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