Types Of Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Lighting consumes a lot of energy and lot of expenditures regardless of whether it’s being used indoors or outdoors.  The solution for such a problem is spending on energy efficient lighting; they will help in reduction of bills and energy consumption. Since these lights can get costly it is more important to spend on using energy efficient lights for outdoors. When the lights are switched on outside, the homes a sense of safety and comfort is felt but to avoid increase in cost of bills energy efficient lights should be used outdoors.

There are various kinds of energy efficient lights available for outdoors with designed and wall attachments etc.  Few of the energy efficient lights that can be used outdoors are the following:

Lighting the outdoors with solar energy

Use solar panel outdoors on the roof, in the garden. The cells of the panel collect the energy from the sun and convert it into light energy without the electricity being used. This saves a lot of energy and reduces cost of bills. It disperses across the garden making the outdoor look beautiful and illuminating. It is easily installed and requires little or no maintenances at all. It is the most cost effect energy efficient light that can be used outdoors.

Motion detector lighting

Buy light fixtures with led or any other energy efficient light that is triggered by a motion. Any movement outside will quickly illuminate the light and alert the members at home. The motion sensors also protects from weather as it will get turned off once it starts to rain. It protects the lighting fixture. This help keeping people safe and secure. In addition, the energy and cost is also being saved.

Light emitting diodes (LED)

These energy efficient lights are semi-conductors that convert the electricity into light energy. It is the most energy efficient approach used for saving cost. Although LEDE lights cost a lot it uses up only 20 to 25 percent of the energy and lasts for a much longer period of time. It saves a lot of cost on energy bills as the energy consumption gets reduced. Furthermore, LED lights are coming in various form and products, for example lighting fixtures, motion sensors, decorative hanging lanterns wall attached led and many more.

Energy star lighting and accelerating light

Energy star light fixtures are motion activated. It shuts off in the morning and illuminates the light on detecting movement. It also can shut off when it rains or becomes extremely windy. Ageing the energy star is cost effective and conserves energy.

The spring energy department has launched a high performance outdoor lighting accelerator. This light can be used on streets, garden s, patios and decks. Furthermore, it conserves energy and saves the cost energy bills. It also is being used on light poles.

Other energy conserving low cost methods are CFL lights, including compact fluorescent lights and halogen incandescent lights. But these usually have the risk of gas and mercury but they are cost effective.

Seeing the light

Make the wise choice to save not just your money and energy but also to save the earth resources. There are plenty of more choices available in the market, so if you don’t have one you should go to the nearby store and change all your lighting fixtures and bulbs. Save your energy and money.

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