Security Cameras for Your Home: Not a DIY Project

We know that many people enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with doing a really good DIY project. That’s why we share so many how-to projects on our blog.

However, some projects just aren’t suited for DIY work. Installing a bunch of security cameras for your home, for example, is one of those projects.

We were, in fact, surprised to see this video which made it seem as though DIY would be a good option for a full security camera install with no existing wiring to support the fixtures.

As you can see, this video gets into drilling holes into the side of your house and running wires through your walls or beneath your baseboards. This is a phenomenally bad idea for the average DIYer.

The video fails to point out that those wires will eventually have to get power from somewhere, which, in general, will mean connecting them to the breaker panel. That’s not really the kind of thing that you want to tackle on your own.

Indeed, this kind of project needs a building permit in some areas, and often permit regulations will demand a licensed electrician for the work. That’s because it’s dangerous!

Any misstep could cause you to become a victim of electrical shock. Any mistake could create a fire in your home later.

So be safe! Don’t get in over your head with electrical projects, even if you find something on YouTube which makes them look easy. If a project involves brand new wiring, call an electrician!

We’ve been trusted electricians in the Triangle area for over 25 years. If you live in Chapel Hill, Cary, or anywhere else in the Raleigh metro area call us today for a free estimate on your electrical rewiring project.

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