How to Make the Most of Your Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances are an essential part of your home. They’re a big investment – one that a homeowner makes with the intent of having them last more than just a little while. However, we’ve found that there’s been a surge in the frequency of replacement of home electrical appliances in the past few years.

While an appliance can give trouble, or stop working completely due to a number of reasons, as electrical repairers, in our experience it’s mostly because there a lack of proper care and maintenance of the appliance itself, along with the home electrical panel. Here’s how you can make the most of your home electrical appliances for increased longevity.


The heating system and furnace can often be the most neglected home electrical appliance. However, it’s the one domestic device that has the most capacity to provide harm to you and your family, if not cared for properly. A collection of dust and other particles can cause the furnace ducts to become clogged, providing a festering ground for mold. This can easily lead to the members of the family becoming sick, developing asthma, allergies and a number of other illnesses.

It’s important that you regularly clean, or change the furnace filters as well as have the furnace ductwork deep cleaned every once in a while. Also be sure to periodically clean the motor belts, and the air blower as well.


The refrigerator, depending on the size, and quality of it, is designed to hold a certain capacity of products. Over or under-filling the fridge, both can lead to a number of serious issues. What’s more, lack of cleanliness can also cause your fridge to give you trouble. Clean the condenser coils (if exposed) as well as the gasket, or have them replaced when need be, and maintain a standard temperature of your fridge anywhere from 37 to 40 °F for optimal performance.

Air Conditioner

Depending on the make and type of the Air conditioning system, it has the potential to last you for a good decade and a half, or more – only if you properly maintain it. To make sure you’re A/C lives and works for as long as it’s meant to, be sure that you clean the filters as directed by the instruction manual, or change them altogether if needed. Ensure that there’s not a collection of debris or foliage blocking the outdoor component of the A/C and regularly call in a repair-man for a thorough cleaning of the entire aircon system.

Automated Garage Door  

Garage doors are used so frequently, they are very quickly become worn out and need repairs or replacement. However, if you periodically lubricate the garage door hardware, keep a check on the garage door springs, rollers and cables for signs of wear and tear; test it for balance, and force you’re likely to ensure that it lasts you for a good while. Because frequent inspection allows for early detection and early repair of the problem.

If you’re having electrical troubles, feel free to call the Volt Doctors to set up a consultation at 919-236-7167.

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