How to Install Deck Lighting the Easy Way

As the warmer months approach it’s time to start thinking about outdoor entertaining. If you know how to install deck lighting you can easily make a party or BBQ last that much longer.

There are of course many, many ways to install deck lighting. However, as far as DIY projects go simple is usually best.

So rather than walk you through a more complicated DIY install, today we’re going to introduce you to a product called LED Ribbon Lighting.

LED Ribbon Lighting is flexible lighting that can be cut or shaped to suit your project’s needs. You can use it indoors, as well, and out in your yard if you like the look of it for overall landscape lighting. These lights are even water resistant, which means you could even use them in your pool.

They come in six foot long strings, but you can link them together if you need more. You can also safely cut them, which means that you can basically shape them to fit any deck.

There are two versions of this lighting: the 24 volt version and the 12 volt version. You’ll probably want to use the 12 volt version for most outdoor projects. 12 volt lights can be linked up to 39 feet on one power source.

The installation is just so simple that this time we’ll just leave it to the video below to tell you more. You literally need nothing more than the ribbon lighting and a low-voltage outdoor transformer to make this work.

Of course, if you want more a more complex outdoor lighting installation than this one or the other low-voltage landscaping installation featured on our blog, then you should think about contacting us.

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