How to Buy an Energy Efficient Stove

Stoves are not very energy efficient as a rule. Like microwaves, Energy Star has yet to qualify any stoves.

However, you can still buy stoves that use less energy and you can use the stoves in an energy efficient way. Here’s what you need to know.

Stove Type

There’s a hierarchy of energy efficiency for stoves. Electric stoves are the least energy efficient.

Gas stoves are more efficient, especially if they’re equipped with an electronic ignition instead of a pilot light. Pilot lights use up gas constantly, which wastes energy.

Induction cooktops are the most energy efficient of all. These boil water 50% faster than other types of stove.

You do have to use metal cookware to use this type of stove. Your kitchen will also need to be wired for 220 volts. Contact a qualified electrician if you’re not sure if yours is.

As far as ovens go, convection ovens offer the most energy efficiency. They distribute the heat evenly and cook the food faster.

There are convection microwave mixes that are extremely efficient if you don’t want to replace the entire stove.

However, if you are ready to replace the stove there are induction-convection ovens on the market. The Maytag 6.2 cu ft. induction range with Even Air gets good reviews and is available for just under $2000.

Using Your Stove

The way you use your stove will help determine how efficient it is. Often this boils down to making simple choices.

For example, it’s important to match pot size to burner size in order to avoid wasting heat and energy. And you can use lower heat settings if you remember to use pot lids, which help you retain more heat inside of the pot.

When you use your oven, make sure you don’t open the door. You want to seal the heat in so it does its job.

If you do this, you can use another trick. Just as it takes time for the oven to heat it also takes time for it to cool. So turn off the oven about 10 minutes before the cooking is done. The heat will keep cooking the food, and you won’t have to burn as much energy.

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