How to Avoid Electric Shock

Our blog has talked about a lot of DIY electrical projects that you can do around the home. Therefore, we thought we’d take a moment to discuss how to avoid electrical shock.

About 1,000 people still die of electric shock each year in the United States. They are usually in the process of doing DIY work in the process.

Prevention starts with cutting the power to any project you are working on. We’ve repeated this instruction on every project, of course, but we’ll also repeat the advice here.

Make sure you test the outlet or wires you’ll be working with, too. You wouldn’t be the first home owner to flip off the wrong circuit breaker by mistake!

Testing helps you be absolutely sure that you’re not working with any live wires.

Next, take a look at what you are wearing. Jewelry is especially dangerous.

A metal ring conducts electricity just as well as a wire does. You could accidentally touch a voltage source with a ring by mistake, and that could cause a hefty shock.

You also want to avoid clothing or jewelry which could catch on any part of your project. It’s not a good idea to tug on electrical components, and even a plastic necklace could catch without you realizing it.

Next, make sure your workspace is clean and dry. You need to be especially careful to wipe up water before starting projects in the kitchen or bathroom.

Finally, assess your own comfort level about any project before you begin to work on it. Be very sure that you feel confident about what your work will entail.

If you’re not really sure then stop what you are doing and call a qualified electrician! Remember, you won’t save any money with DIY if you end up in the hospital!

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