Energy Efficient Outdoor Home Lighting

Unlit driveways, garden pathways, and curbs all pose a security threat to you and your family, regardless of how safe a neighborhood you live in.

A lack of outdoor lighting can be a serious problem – and we don’t just mean that a darkened exterior increases the chances of burglary, no. We’re talking about tripping, stumbling, floundering, slipping, staggering, losing your balance, falling and injuring yourself.

To prevent that from happening, logic dictates that you invest in outdoor lighting. However, the fact is installing outdoor lights, and then leaving them switched on all through the night not only wastes valuable light energy, it’s wasting your hard earned money, too.

So how does one avoid that from happening?

By installing energy-efficient outdoor lights, that’s how – of course! Some of the top options include:

High-Intensity Discharge Lights

HID or High-intensity Discharge lights are a sort of an electrical-gas lamp, which, unlike, incandescent light bulbs, utilizes gas vapors and metal salts such a sodium, xenon, mercury, ceramic or metal halide to produce light. Quite similar to interior fluorescent lights, the HID lights produce a large amount of illumination from a very small power source making them the perfect choice to be used as a spotlight outside.  They’re long lasting, produce a lot of light, and save money!

Motion Detected Lights

As the name suggests, these sort of lights switch on only when the motion sensors embedded in the light fixture distinguish footsteps or movements. Now there are two basics options to install motion detected outdoor lights which not only help keep your electricity bills down, they also significantly enhance home security, especially against intruders. One is that you buy and have specific motion-sensor light fixtures installed, or two, you can opt to simply add a motion detector to your existing light switches – either way it’s an economical, but very effective decision.

Solar Powered Outdoor and Garden Lights

The utilization of solar energy is by far the best solution to all our energy consumption issues. Solar powered outdoor or garden lights basically have tiny solar panels installed within the light fixtures. The photovoltaic cells of the solar panels store the energy from the sun during the day and convert it into light energy at night when it can be used for illumination. So basically, with the use of solar powered lights, there is no consumption of electrical energy from your home electrical source at all which translates to increased savings and reduced electricity bills.

There are endless options for solar powered lights available in the market these days – from the simplest to the fanciest. You can easily take your pick.

There’s no need to stay in the dark for fear of sky high electricity bills anymore. Call the Volt Doctors Electrical Service and Repair at 919-236-7167 to have your energy efficient outdoor lights installed, fixed, or repaired, today.

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