Your Experienced Commercial & Residential Carrboro Electrician

There’s no room for mistakes in electrical work. That’s why Carrboro residents have come to rely on us. Our 20+ years of experience as commercial and residential electricians gives us the expertise to get your electrical project done right. No job is too big and no job is too small, so call us today!

As Your Carrboro Electrician, Here Are Some of The Repairs & Services We Provide:

  • Lighting Repair and Installation
  • Outlet Repair and Installation
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Electrical Code Inspections
  • Generators
  • Emergency Electrician Services
  • Data Wiring and More!
Are you pre-wiring the home of your dreams? Do you need to wire up a new gazebo or install a generator? Do you have a small job, like a ceiling fan that isn’t working? The Volt Doctors residential services can help you with these, and other problems. We’ll be there on time and we’ll keep your home clean while we work. Does your business need high-voltage wiring? How about security wiring? Is one of your electrical systems broken, or in desperate need of an upgrade? Don’t put it off any longer. Our commercial services work fast, and we won’t be a hassle. We’ll do whatever it takes to avoid disrupting your business process. Don’t forget to check out our blog, too. If you’re a DIY type then you’ll love our time and money saving how-to projects. Just remember, if an electrical project is ever too big for you then stay on the safe side: call us or another licensed electrician. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If your power is out it may not be a wiring problem. If your power is out, start by checking in with Duke Power. Call 800-777-9898. Major electrical projects usually require an electrical permit. Orange County has provided a great deal of information about the process on their website. Orange County requires you to pass an exam before they’ll issue a permit, and you must use a licensed contractor if your work will cost more than $30,000. If you couldn’t pass an electrical exam to save your life, if your project is really expensive or if you just want the help of an experienced, trusted Triangle Area contractor, call us! We offer free estimates so there won’t be any surprises. Call us today!
Call Us Today (919) 236-7167 We’re Available 24/7 in the Carrboro Area!
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