8 Signs Your Air Conditioner is in Trouble

In this intense summer heat, the last thing anyone wants is to spend even one day without a working air conditioner. Fortunately, an AC failure usually doesn’t “just happen.”

Often, there are some warning signs that begin before the AC stops working. If you can get service for your AC before it breaks down entirely you may save yourself some money and aggravation.

1. The AC Runs Constantly

The AC is supposed to run until the temperature in your home matches your thermostat settings. Then, it’s supposed to shut off.

So if your AC just runs…and runs…and runs…then it’s probably time to get it looked at.

2. Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

If your normal energy use patterns haven’t changed then there is no good reason for a sudden spike in your electrical bill. Usually, this happens because your AC is working harder than it should have to.

3. The AC is Making Funny Noises

Loud bangs and clangs aren’t really a good sign for any type of mechanical equipment. Call a service tech if your AC is making noise.

4. Your Switches On and Off Continuously

If your AC turns off and on in rapid succession then you could have a wiring problem. If your AC repeatedly trips your circuit breaker then you definitely need to get the wiring looked at.

5. You See Leaks

Leaks are bad news. You might see a puddle around your AC unit, or you may see ice. Either way, something isn’t right.

6. You Smell Something

If your AC starts producing a foul odor you could have problems in your ductwork. The problem could, in fact, be mold, so get this problem looked at right away for your own health and safety.

7. The AC Blows Warm Air

This is one of the worst situations, since it can make your house even hotter than it already is! If you’re cleaning your filters every 30 to 60 days, then this is a symptom of a deeper problem.

8. Your AC is Old

Older ACs just aren’t very efficient to begin with! In January of 2006, the government created new regulations regarding an AC’s “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating,” or SEER. You might want to get a newer AC just to lower your energy bill, even if things seem to be working okay now.

If your AC is exhibiting any of these warning signs, call us. We service Cary, Wake Forest, and the rest of the Raleigh-Durham area, and we’re ready to help you get your AC into tip top shape.

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