4 Ways To Avoid Power Surges At Home

Preventing power surges

Power surges can occur at any time and can damage your electrical appliances that you were using, or worse cause major power failure at your home. Power surges are basically a large, sudden amount of current with high voltage running through your electrical wires and sockets. These surges last for milliseconds but cause great harm.

Lightning, faulty wiring, uneven electrical supply or power grid and transformer issues etc. can cause power surges to occur. This can lead to any number of electrical hazards and accidents. It is important for you to prevent the power surge from occurring and take as many precautions as possible to secure your home and your family.

1. Installing whole home surge suppressor

If you wish to prevent power surges from occurring you must buy a device that can suppress the electrical flow and voltage. Such devices are connected to service panels and acts as gate way for electricity. As soon as the voltage and the electrical supply begins to increase, the suppressor will shut off the power and quickly redirect the current to the ground wire. Using thermal fuses and equipment that will warn you if the voltage of electricity is increasing beforehand is also useful in protecting your home from power surges. You can even use whole house unit to protect every electrical unit and appliance like the cable wires, etc.

2. Securing electronic devices prone to power surge

For many electrical appliances, the surge suppressors won’t be enough. Electronic equipment like, computer, air conditioner, etc., will still be at risk of power surges. For such sensitive appliances, separate device like the UPS uninterrupted power supply attached to the appliance helps in balancing out the voltage and keeps it from getting damaged. Power strips and power stations for cable and phone lines.

3. Switching off electronic appliance

Use electronic equipment wisely make sure that when you are not using it the devices like, computer and television and many other such equipment should be switched off. Make sure you shorten the use of devices that consume a lot of voltage like the air conditioner. Switch off as many electronic devices as you can to avoid the risk of power surge. Such measure will help in controlling the power surge. Make your outlets are not overloaded with too many plugs of different devices.

4. Fixing overloaded circuits

Make sure that you do not have too many plugs in one socket running more than one electronic device or equipment. Many families have entertainment rooms with lots of devices plugged in one socket. Make all the large electronic equipment have its own individual separate circuits. The multiples devices could also be divided in to separate sockets to distribute the electricity evenly and prevent power surge from occurring.

Keep your electrical system healthy and use electronic devices wisely

Use your appliance wisely and make sure they are switched when not being used. You must avoid overloading any circuit and decrease the amount of time high voltage electronic equipment is used. Take all preventive measure to avoid power surge from occurring.

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