4 Warning Signs that Your Home has Electrical Wiring Problems

Electrical wiring problems are nothing to toy with. They are dangerous fire hazards that need immediate attention.

Of course, any faulty wiring that you may have will be hidden inside of your walls. Since you can’t see the bad wiring you’ll need to look at other warning signs to tell whether or not there’s cause for concern.

#1: Your Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

You’ve changed the circuit breaker that keeps tripping, but shorts are still happening? Time to get your wiring checked out.

If you’re lucky, the problem will just be a faulty appliance, but at this stage of the game it takes a professional electrician to be absolutely sure. If there is a faulty appliance you certainly won’t want to keep it around.

#2: Your Lights Keep Dimming

Your lights shouldn’t dim unless they’re on a dimmer switch. If they dim, flicker, or falter the circuit could be overloading, or the wiring could be in bad shape. Either way, you’ll want to address the problem right away.

#3: You Hear a Mysterious Buzzing Noise

Electrical outlets and switches sometimes start buzzing when the wiring is loose. If this happens they can also heat up rapidly.

Cut the power at your circuit breaker and call a qualified electrician right away. This could be a sign that the problem is getting ready to escalate to dangerous levels.

#4: You Smell an “Electricity Smell,” or you Smell Burnt Plastic

This smell could mean that faulty wiring is already creating dangerous sparks. It could also mean that part of your electrical system is actually overheating.

Again, this is an emergency signal. You need to cut the power and have your wiring checked out right away.

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs of electrical wiring problems and you live in Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Hillsborough or anywhere else in the Raleigh-Durham area, call us. We offer 24/7 emergency electrical service and we’ll be there to look at your problem fast so you can stop worrying and wondering. Nothing is more important than your family’s safety, so call us today!

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