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Energy Efficient Outdoor Home Lighting

Unlit driveways, garden pathways, and curbs all pose a security threat to you and your family, regardless of how safe a neighborhood you live in. A lack of outdoor lighting can be a serious problem – and we don’t just mean that a darkened exterior

The Reasons Why Heating and Furnace Maintenance Is Necessary

Most people generally don’t pay as much attention to heating and furnace maintenance, especially as much as they do to the air conditioning system. However, regular and timely servicing and maintenance of both the heating system and furnace is essential for a variety of reasons.


New Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Powered by Nanotechnology

It sounds like something out of Star Trek. But according to The New York Times, Advanced Lighting Technology has re-imaged incandescent light bulbs for the 21st century. The new nanotech bulbs are supposed to be just as bright as the incandescent bulbs we all grew